A full-service creative agency operated out of Brooklyn, NY, Ink, Inc. Creative Group prides itself on the innovative solutions that our talented team help bring to life for our beloved client brands. We believe that the best work is done at the precise intersection between strategy and creativity. That is why we remain highly-focused on fulfilling our passion for connecting meaningful brands with an audience that stands to benefit, providing a valuable link between both parties — a link situated directly at that all-important intersection.

We specialize in matters of strategic messaging, branding, and management of online presence for businesses that range in size from the very small to the very large. Our goal is to get your message out there in a way that speaks directly to your targeted audience, in order to drive more conversions that will help your business grow.

What is Ink, Inc.?

Ink, Inc. is ...


We believe that sharp is always better than dull; that it better to "lean in" than to shy away. When it comes to message, we don't think it is "safe" to "play it safe," but rather, it is the very opposite. By blunting any edges that have the potential to snag a thread for some, you only end up pummeling out all which makes you unique, appealing now to none instead. Rather than unraveling the whole sweater to spare a loose strand, we believe in highlighting what makes your brand unique. This might sound simple, but many will tell you to couch your message in bland garb for "safety," while we believe it is always superior to be the best you, you can be. In the end, it never wins you customers to try appealing to them by being the "least dreadful option," you win customers by being the best at what you have to offer. Simply put, we are unafraid to rock the boat, because no one writes stories about calm seas.


We believe that the cutting edge is where the victors are sheared from the vanquished. Where others see creativity as a luxury, we see it as a necessity; where imagination is thought of as an encumbrance, we consider it to be the birthplace of all convenience. Innovation is not a choice, it is a survival strategy: adapt or die. In a highly competitive environment, telling the story of your brand is not only required to grow your business, but to preserve it as well. By playing within convention, focusing efforts only on chasing success in today's world, you are sacrificing the success of your future. That is why we strive to see beyond the horizon of today, eyes aimed firmly at what lies ahead tomorrow. Humanity has never enjoyed limits, transgressing boundaries at every turn; we seek to continue that wonderfully human tradition, pushing our world further ahead into the land of our own imagination which we so crave. In short, we believe that revolutions aren't born, they're bred; the result of a culture intentionally engineered to test the limits of possibility — something which we seek to do every single day.


We believe that great results require our heads to be in the sky, but our hearts to be firmly-fixed upon the most prudent path. While the Wright Brothers certainly had lofty ambitions—seeking to make possible, the impossible—they did not simply flap their arms and hope for the best. We hold a core belief that imagination is essential to know which way to go, but strategy is necessary to know how to get there. Of course, it is important for us to dream, but it is equally important for us to wake up. It is this potent combination—a duality of what "is" and what "could be"—which drives the very momentum of our entire world. By tugging upon both ends of this rope, we never lose tether to what matters, nor do we stay stuck too firmly upon the ground to ever take flight and see through the skies.

"The Intersection"

We believe that the best work is done at the precise intersection between strategy and creativity. That is why we remain highly-focused on fulfilling our passion for connecting meaningful brands with an audience that stands to benefit, providing a valuable link between both parties — a link situated directly at that all-important intersection.

At Ink, Inc. Creative Group, we operate at the intersection of Art and Science. The intersection of inspiration and perspiration. The intersection where dreams meet reality, where ideas become tools, and it is our belief that it is this precise intersection which forges our future, taking what is possible and turning it into just: what is. Imagination without action is a recipe to stay stuck in one place, and action without imagination is prescription for an aimless journey. The combination of both, however, produces a result that is far greater than the mere sum of its parts.

As such, our approach is a direct combination of creativity and strategy, a method laid bare even within our very company name: Ink, Inc. Whether we are designing content to captivate and dazzle a free-spirit-loving audience for a lifestyle brand, or generating extremely precise sales copy for a data-driven enterprise, we strive to maintain this dual focus to drive better quality output, with a higher-conversion potential.

Brand Strategy & Development

Credibly & persuasively assert your company's value by employing a well-positioned brand messaging strategy. We will help you to develop audience profiles to more precisely target the exact aspects which appeal to your unique customer base. In today's economy where emotional connection to a brand is seen as crucial for 82% of consumers, businesses can no longer afford to neglect their strategic brand positioning.

Advertising & Promotions

Reach your customers wherever they are — with advanced mobile, demographic, & interest group targeting you can reach your businesses specific audience on any platform they spend their time on. Whether you're seeking a search engine led campaign to capture customers who already are searching for your services or a highly-targeted social media lead-generation campaign to increase awareness and consumer exposure, our team of leading platform-certified experts can create, manage, and optimize your campaign using the latest techniques and methods in digital marketing.

Strategic Communications & Copywriting

Brand storytelling has never been easier. With our proprietary "Brand Personality" questionnaire, we can finely ascertain the core of your messaging strategy, even if you can't quite articulate it yourself. After answering a few simple questions about how you want your company to be seen and perceived, our team of expert copywriters and content specialists will get to work handcrafting the perfect message to connect your brand with its ideal customers.

SEO Solutions

Search and be found — with over one billion websites now out there, it is more important than ever to have a web presence that is designed to be discovered. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is likely the most crucial aspect of any online initiative, impacting whether your business can be found by those looking for it, or whether it becomes buried in an endless sea of unclicked links. After all, does it do much good to have an incredible website that no one can seem to find? From on-site SEO techniques to listing services & reputation management, we have achieved results for clients that have more than doubled the exposure generated by their previous, well-established vendors.

Online Presence

In today's world, there is perhaps nothing more essential to your brand and how it is perceived than its online presence. From your company website to claiming crucial listings on platforms like Yelp and Google MyBusiness, ensuring the professional and consistent nature of your online corporate public image is important not only to grow your customer base—by demonstrating your value in a compelling manner—but also to retain existing customers—by providing reassurance in their choice and in your transparent business practices.

Social Media

From content creation to post-implementation, we've got you covered. Whether you are looking for timeline management and post scheduling, organic content for your feed, post and audience analytics monitoring, or a full-service, end-to-end social media management solution, our creative team and marketing consultants will work together to generate a comprehensive strategy to achieve the audience-specific, highly-engaging results you are looking for.

A team of creativesaligned by a strategytelling your  brand's story

Creatives at the top of their craft, well-versed in the art of telling stories—whether with ink & pen, paint & brush, code & keyboard, or light & camera—all aligned by a central, strategic perspective, designing bespoke marketing solutions for your brand; that is the recipe for Ink, Inc.

Many of our competitors in the creative marketing space have excellent communication skills—that, we certainly do not doubt—however, they often lack a far more important, impactful, and difficult-to-acquire skill; the skill of masterful storytelling and the ability to weave narrative into a work—no matter if the medium is an advertisement, a sales funnel, or a social media post—forming meaningful connections with an audience through artfully-orchestrated emotional messaging.

Unfortunately for our competition, storytelling skills aren’t something you can learn simply by studying, they are driven by something much deeper: instinct; and narrative instincts can’t be bought or born-into, they must be honed by copious experience — telling stories, thinking stories, breathing stories. One does not tell a story “by accident,” you cannot “stumble into it” as you remain face down, head glued to a page where your pen rotely goes through the motions of you explaining your client’s product—the wheel—by simply describing the number of pegs on it.

In today’s economy, where emotional connection to a brand is seen as crucial for 82% of consumers, businesses cannot afford to choose an option who will drip some ink upon paper… but not much else.

Our Team — Certified by the Best

Our team of creative marketing experts have extensive experience working with industry-leading platforms & methods, with members officially certified in Google Search Ads & Display Ads, Facebook Advertising (including A/B testing), Instagram for Business, Inbound Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (Technical & Fundamentals) through the partner organizations listed below.

"If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best."

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